Sunday, September 24, 2017

Devastation in Tenancingo

Saturday the 23rd another quake hit Mexico, we did not feel that one, but the quake on the 19th was the most devastating.  People's nerves are on edge as the death toll has climbed to over 300. The people in our town have gone about their work the best they can as cleanup operations continue. The people of Mexico pull together in a crisis like this, food and water are distributed to the needy and you can see truck loads of goods heading to the worst spots hit.   

This was once a house 
now its a pile of rubble

This church, Diócesis de Tenancingo, sustained heavy damage as seen is these photos

The older buildings took the most damage

Capilla de Jesús Catholic Church
note the crack in the dome

A family cleans up what's left of their house

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Powerful 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Central Mexico

A powerful earthquake today sent me running out of the house. At first there was just a slight shake and then all hell broke loose, I almost could not stand up. As I run outside my dogs followed close behind. It looked like the whole house was going to collapse. My wife was at work downtown Tenancingo and my thoughts were of her. I'm not sure how long it lasted but it seemed to be about one minute.
The quake happened on the anniversary of a deadly 1985 Mexico City 8.0 magnitude earthquake. I've been in a few quakes now but this was surrealistic, like time stood still. After everything settled down I checked the gas lines and the structure of the house, no major damage except the cabana and a covered walkway received heavy damage. After checking everything I started out to see about my wife. I met her on the way she was all shook up, no pun intended. We are fine and our thoughts and prayers are with those who were affected by this tragedy. Will update tomorrow with some photos.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The most powerful earthquake to hit Mexico in 100 years

A few minutes before midnight Lulu woke me up and said there's an earthquake, I felt it as soon as I woke up. We were just walking outside when it stopped, but only for an instant the next quake was harder. We could hear the windows in the house rattling, dogs in the distance could be heard howling, except our dogs, they just wanted to go back to bed. The hole thing only lasted only a few minutes. We turned on the TV but no news yet, the only thing on was pre-recorded news. It took about 30 minutes before the reporting started, that's when we learned it was better than an 8 in magnitude. 

The quake originated in the Pacific, our house is about 370 miles NW from the epicenter. Today we learned dozens of people were killed. Homes and buildings were leveled, much devastation. We pray for the people that were affected by this tragedy. This is the fourth earthquake I've been in, in Mexico. The earthquake of April 18, 2014 we felt more, that was a 7.2. It cracked our block fence and the wall on our porch. An inspection of our house and property this morning revealed no damage. No homes or buildings were damaged in our vicinity.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Taxco is associated with silver, both with the mining of it and other metals and for the crafting of it into jewelry. Today, mining is no longer a mainstay of the city's economy. The city's reputation for silver work, along with its picturesque homes and surrounding landscapes, have made tourism the main economic activity.

The Parish of Santa Prisca y San Sebastían, commonly referred to as the Santa Prisca Church, is located on the east side of the main plaza of Taxco, and is one of the few Baroque buildings in the state of Guerrero.

It was built between 1751 and 1758 by José de la Borda who had made a fortune in the silver mines surrounding the town. 

                                                       Monumental Christ in Atachi Hills

  The town is filled with silver shops and jewelry makers.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Homeless Street Dogs

We have found dozens of homeless and abused dogs, and have taken in a few. Unfortunately there are no  resources in our area to help these poor creatures. These dogs have no one to take care of them and love them. If anyone can help by taking in a dog, or with a contribution, please contact Andrew.

The two puppies above were found in the road, almost run over.
We found them a new home.

This is Flaca and her pups were found in a hole.
We adopted them.

No one seems to want older dogs, but they will take the pups.

This poor boy is blind, and homeless but at least people in the neighborhood feed him.